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olesiejuk publishing house, muduko publishing house, mighty kind magazine, con todo press, sugar apple books  

Hello, Nice to meet you! 

  My name is Julia Sarapata de Carvalho and I am a children's book illustrator and designer from Warsaw, Poland. 
I create worlds and images, filled with magic and wonder using both digital and traditional media, focusing more on my digital work in Procreate on Ipad Pro. 
   I am also a mom and happy wife, married to a Brazilian architect and CGI artist, trying to manage the balance between my loving family and work. 

  I have been commissioned by self-publishing authors and publishers  like Con Todo Press and Sugar Apple Books from US and UK and in 2021 by two major traditional publishing houses in Poland (Wydawnictwo Olesiejuk and Wydawnictwo Muduko).
I have also worked on my own collections of art prints and posters which were available to buy twice on one of the biggest poster fair in Poland called Targi Plakatu. 

  In my work I am inspired by nature, animals, light/shadows and magic, which I want to bring in every of my illustrations.
My wish is to tell stories filled with mysteries, magic and miracles which can only happen with the help of our imagination. I want to fill all the pages of the books I am working with details and little surprises for the readers to find.

Thank you for stopping by! 

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