Molly The Dog
(Psica Molly)
Molly the Dog was created with watercolors and prismacolor colored pencils. 
I was thinking on how to depict my favorite season : Autumn.  In the end I have created a character for my original Forest series, which include my previous artworks of Lord Fox (Lisi Lord) and Sir Rabbit, Lord of the Carrots (Pan Królik, Marchewkowy Lord).            
It's a future project meant to be used in a story or children's book. 
In my country during Fall, there are many colorful trees and leaves, and a lot of people go out for mushroom picking to store them later in a freezer to prepare many delicious dishes such as mushroom soup or meat goulash with mushrooms. 

Origins of Molly's animal choice lies in my love for Lajla, a mixed breed dog of our house. 

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